Notary Public Melbourne

Are you looking for a Notary Public in Melbourne?

SB Solicitors provide notary public services to both individuals and businesses in Melbourne's south east suburbs. Contact our office today on 03 9708 5564 to arrange an appointment to get your documents notarised. We offer free notary quotes and are able to assist you with any notary need.

Notary Services

  • Certifying documents as true copies (e.g. identity documents, agreements, bank statements, diplomas etc.)
  • Witnessing and notarising the execution of documents and agreements (e.g. power of attorney, sales contract)
  • Verifying identity and signatures
  • Oaths, declarations and attestations
  • Verifying company details and preparing Certificate of Good Standing for Australian companies
  • Notarising Bills of Exchange
  • Notarising intellectual property documents (Patents, Trademarks etc.)
  • Apostille advice
  • Ship protests

Where Are You Located?

Our office is located in Dandenong, a suburb in Melbourne's south-east. We are one of the few Notaries in this area which means you can save time by not having to travel into the city. Please visit our contact page for our location.

What Is A Notary Public?

In Australia a Notary Public is a senior lawyer that has held a principal’s practising certificate for 5 years and has undertaken further studies in Notary practice. The position of a Notary Public is one of great trust as they are responsible for declaring that a document is true, a signature is legitimate, or that a person’s identity is valid etc. This is particularly important for overseas countries as they rely on a Notary Public’s seal to authenticate matters and prevent fraud. 

Do I Need A Notary?

You only need to engage a Notary Public Melbourne when you are dealing with overseas countries. If you need to get a document certified for a matter strictly limited in Australia you do not need a Notary. Rather you should engage a Justice of the Peace to verify your documents.

Typically an overseas government department, paper work, or lawyer will instruct that a document can only be certified by a Notary Public. This is how you know if you need to engage a Notary Public or not. However if you are unsure whether you need a Notary please give our office a call and we’ll be happy to clarify.

What Are Your Fees?

We follow the Society of Notaries of Victoria scale of costs. This means our fees match the minimum industry prices. To aid us in giving an accurate quote, it is quicker for you to first email us the documents you need notarised with an explanation of what you need.

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