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Melbourne conveyancing solicitors for your home or investment. 

Are you looking to buy or sell a property? Our Melbourne conveyancing solicitors can help you with fixed professional fees while ensuring your transaction is stress free. 

Why Choose Us

Fixed professional fees

We provide fixed professional fees plus disbursments so you have price certainty. No one likes surprise bills at settlement. 

Conveyancing lawyer

Your file will be done by a lawyer or supervised by one. This means you benefit from better protection and expertise.

Full online or in person

We can do the whole job online without visiting us. Or you can come to our office in person. What ever you prefer!

Friendly & responsive

Selling or buying is stressful enough. We're friendly and responsive so you'll benefit from a hassle free service.

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What Our Clients Say

Truly were amazing

"SB Solicitors and especially Ivan are amazing! I have now used them for both a purchase and sale of property! Truly were amazing at answering all of my questions, liaising with my mortgage broker and the vendor, basically took away all my stress and gave me a smooth settlement at a fraction of the price I expected to pay..."



The best solicitors

"They are very knowledgeable and there step by step guidance helped us in getting out of a complicated settlement. Ivan from SB solicitors handled our settlement process. He assisted us time to time with all the correct information and kept us up to date for all our transactions. Totally recommend them. They are the best solicitors. Thank you so much!"



Who Are We? Investment and House Buying Solicitors

We're a small family business that can help you with any conveyancing need. The firm is headed up with the principal Stevo, with the conveyancing work done mostly by Stevo's son and lawyer, Ivan, and Stevo's wife, Dee.

We provide excellent service at a fair price. So if you're buying a home or transfering an investment, let us assist you.

Stevo and Ivan.

What Does A Conveyancing Service Involve?

If you've never engaged a solicitor before to do your conveyancing you may be wondering "what do they actually do". A lot of the work we do is done behind the scenes so you don't see it in action. In general, below are the steps involved in a purchase and sale file. This is not a conclusive list, as each transaction is different, but all jobs will involve the below.



Review purchase contract/s32 (if applicable).

Draft contract of sale and vendor statement and provide to client and their agent.

Provide client first letter of advice that will contain est. total money needed to settle inclusive of stamp duty/gov fees, our fixed fee and disbursements, provide key dates, and legal advice.

Once property sells, provide client first letter of advice with key dates and information.

Prepare stamp duty forms and apply and stamp duty concessions for client. Certify stamp duty. Prepare authorisation form and title transfer forms for client.

If bank is involved, provide client discharge authority information to get their bank ready for settlement.

Order necessary searches and certificates from relevant authorities, and review with vendor's legal documents.

Prepare state revenue office, title transfer forms, and client authorisation forms. 

Prepare statement of adjustments to make sure vendor pays off all outstanding property rates, any rent is adjusted, and both parties have paid their correct share of property rates.

Review statement of adjustments provided by purchaser to make sure they are correct. This will involve calling council and other authorities to double check figures, and also contacting selling agent to make sure they hold full deposit.

Organise settlement with vendor and purchaser's bank. Provide any items to bank that they need from us to accept settlement.

Book in settlement with purchaser and client's bank. Check with bank est. money needed to remove mortgage.

Prepare pre-settlement letter to client that advises total money needed to settle, money provided by bank, and short fall of money needed. Also provide key advice.

Provide client pre-settlement letter that shows all payment directions for settlement and total money going to them.

Overseeing registration of the title into your name, informing rating authorities of change of ownership, telling agent to release keys, and finalising the accounts and reporting to you.

Oversee settlement, inform all rating authorities of disposition of property, telling agent to release balance of deposit and reporting to you.

All attendances, correspondence, conferences and phone calls for standard conveyancing work.

All attendances, correspondence, conferences and phone calls for standard conveyancing work.

What Areas Do You Service?

It does not matter where you live or where your property is located in Victoria, we can provide conveyancing services for any property in the state.  So whether you're in Melbourne, Geelong, Frankston, Bendigo or beyond, please give us a call and we can help you.

Where's Your Office Located?

We're located in south-east Melbourne Victoria, in the suburb of Dandenong. Visit our contact page for the exact address.

House Buying Solicitor Services

Thanks to our experience we know property conveyancing is more than just paperwork. It is a transaction that involves your most valuable asset so we strive to provide a hassle free service while protecting your interests. Our conveyancing Melbourne team can assist you with both commercial property and residential real estate across Melbourne Vic.

It is important to get legal advice before entering into a property transaction as conveyancing is a deceptive area of law. It can be one small mistake that can put a transaction at risk. By engaging us you will be confident knowing you have the backing of diligent lawyers ensuring your transaction goes smoothly.

Below is an outline of every conveyancing service we provide:

  • Buying or Selling Property
  • Drafting Contracts and Section 32 Vendor Statements
  • Contract of Sale Review
  • Transferring Property (Related Party, Gift, Holding Change)
  • Subdivisions
  • Off the Plan and Development Sales
  • Commercial Property: Factories, Farms, Industrial, Shops, Shopping Centres etc
  • Partition Agreements
  • Stamp Duty and Refunds
  • Caveats
  • Survivorship and Legal Personal Representative Applications
  • Retirement Village Transactions
  • Buy a house solicitor service
  • Any Property or Real Estate Issue

We can help you with any conveyancing melbourne job.

Why Use Our Melbourne Conveyancing Solicitors?

There are two main reasons why you should use our conveyancing services:

  • We've completed thousands of property transactions so we've "seen it all".
  • Your file will be overseen by lawyers who will protect your interests with in depth property law knowledge. 

As a law firm we provide many advantages when it comes to providing a conveyancing service. This is because our conveyancing team can provide legal advice you on areas of the law that relate to your property transaction.

For example a conveyance may have implications on your taxes, family affairs, business interests, and estate planning. Further if a dispute arises we can help protect your rights and enforce them, giving you greater peace of mind and value for money.

To get started with our Melbourne conveyancing services please get in touch with the office over phone or email.

Common Questions

Below are some common questions asked by our clients about the conveyancing process.

What is a Vendor Statement?

What are the Statement of Adjustments?

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